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Spirit: Harmonious, Honest, Be Practical-minded, Innovative

Aim: Step on higher level, casting first class Heval brand 

Quality Principle:  With harmonious team, good techniques to cast higher quality product, promote customers’ value
Mission: Devote ourselves to the innovation of basic industry, to provide security for the humankind environmental protection, safety and harmony. 

Duty for society: HEVAL provides platform for the employees, and employees create value for HEVAL. HEVAL bears duty for society, society provides security for HEVAL. 

Duty of company: Combine the two shareholding companies’ advantages together, purify and sublimate them. Absorb the strong points of the industrial chain, and carry forward, cast the first-class company. 

Core idea of company:  Innovation, Value 

No innovation, No future, No value, No reason to exist